Analitika Expo 2021 opens tomorrow

At Analitika Expo 2021, global laboratory specialists and equipment suppliers will share best practices in personal communication.

From 13 to 16 April 2021, the 19th International exhibition for laboratory equipment and chemical reagents Analitika Expo will take place at Crocus Expo. The organizer of the exhibition is the international company Hyve Group.

On a yearly basis, Analitika Expo serves an effective business platform that brings together suppliers of analytical equipment and specialists from various scientific and industrial laboratories from all over the world. The results of the 2020 exhibition clearly demonstrated the unrelenting demand for the offline communication format from the business community. Demonstrations of equipment, sharing the experience, and networking are much more efficient live.

More than 100 Russian and foreign companies will take part in Analitika Expo 2021, while the new exhibitors will make 10% of the total, including: LOIP, Shimadzu, Bruker, Merck, Mettler Toledo, Netzsch, Heidolph, Bicasa, Catrosa, Analytic Jena, Beckman Coulte, Chimmed, Chromatec, Chromos, Ecroskhim, Roshimreaktiv, Petrotech, Sheltec, Miele, Millab, Melytec, and many others. Also participating in the exhibition are: NEO NOSTICS (China) and HI MEDIA LABS (India).

In 2021, Germany will once again participate in the exhibition with a national pavilion, organized with the support of the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy. Among the participants from Germany are: Binder GmbH, Bruker Optik GmbH, NETZSCH-Gerätebau GmbH, Sympatec, Shimadzu Europa GmbH, Welabo GmbH, IKA, and HEIDOLPH.
More information on the list of participants can be found on the exhibition website.

Every year, Analitika Expo becomes a venue for demonstrating advanced equipment and cutting-edge developments. In 2021, the exhibitors will showcase a number of innovative solutions to visitors and demonstrate their work in real time. For example, a new development of Lumex, a laboratory mercury analyzer RA-915 Lab, first presented at Analytica Expo in 2020. The visitors will be able not only to see it, but also to observe its work. Labtech will present a whole range of equipment and consumables for laboratories: laboratory furniture “Labtech" and cabinets for storage of flammable liquids; laboratory dishwashers “Miele”; dry ovens “Binder”; “Sartorius” equipment (water treatment systems, scales); scales A&D; titrators “Metrohm”; laboratory glassware DWK (“Schott Duran”); chemical reagents “Sigma”, “Acros”, “VWR Collection”, “Alfa Aesar”, and “Scharlau”.

Merck prepared likely the best water treatment solutions for molecular and cellular biology. Bettersize, a designer and manufacturer of equipment for particle size and shape analysis and powder physical analysis, will showcase equipment for a wide range of applications, from quality control to research and development in a variety of scientific and industrial sectors. At its stand, ChemLab will acquaint visitors with the Sterius microwave medical waste disinfection system designed for the disinfection of epidemiologically hazardous and extremely hazardous medical waste (class B and C).

Traditionally, Analitika Expo is attended by about 6,000 heads of research and production laboratories from various sectors of the economy. Wide coverage, from medicine and food industry to oil and gas complex, makes the exhibition an ideal platform for expanding the client base and entering new sectors.

Business programme

As part of the rich business programme that annually accompanies Analitika Expo, over 15 events and thematic blocks will take place over 4 days: conferences, forums, seminars, sessions, awards, presentations of books and printed publications, as well as demonstrations of laboratory equipment in action.

There will be 2 open conference venues: the Main Arena and the new unique SmartLab complex for networking, presentations, and exchange of ideas, the Chemical Theater lecture area, where various seminars, presentations and discussions will take place. SmartLab is aimed at demonstrating the work of innovative analytical and laboratory equipment, hosting presentations of universities and technoparks of the Russian Federation, being a showroom of fume hoods, modular walls and ceilings for the laboratory space of the future, as well as a mobile tasting laboratory. The general partner of SmartLab is Bicasa.

For the first time, Analitika Expo will host the Laboratory Investment Forum, a unique event dedicated to beneficial investments in the construction of laboratories, efficient workspace arrangement, and new conditions for ensuring the safety of employees in the COVID-19 era. The general partner of the forum is Koettermann Rus. The forum speakers are: Hansjurg Ludi, engineer, owner of H.LÜDI + CO. AG (Switzerland); Giancarlo de Mateas, owner of Labozeta (Italy); Dinara Gabdullina, Head of Laboratory, Research Center SIBUR POLILAB; Rustam Salakhov, Head of Operations Service, SIBUR POLILAB, Representative of the International Medical Cluster in Skolkovo.

Topical issues on the forum agenda will be:
  • Maximum efficiency and functionality of the laboratory itself. The result of its work here and now is most important in the project;
  • Experience in arranging high-tech laboratory facilities;
  • Investment in safe laboratories;
  • Anti-COVID-19 solutions in scientific buildings.
You can learn more about the Analitika Expo 2021 business program on the exhibition website.
In addition to the content events, there will be presentations and seminars by exhibitors, where they will present their solutions for various fields of application: from clinical diagnostics to analysis of mineral raw materials and clean rooms.

The organizers of Analitika Expo 2021, the global company Hyve, take a responsible approach to the preparation of the exhibition. The exhibition will be running in compliance with all the rules established by Rospotrebnadzor: the health & safety of exhibitors and visitors is the priority for the Analitika Expo team.
The sponsors of Analitika Expo 2021 are Energolab and LOIP.
The international exhibition for laboratory equipment and chemical reagents Analitika Expo will be held on 13-16 April 2021 at Crocus Expo, Pavilion 3. 
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