Analitika Expo Connect Service is a robot assistant for exhibitors is available

Analitika Expo Connect is a new, modern interactive service designed to streamline exhibitors’ commercial activities. The tool helps exhibitors to instantly identify the business profiles of visitors to their stands, build databases, and provides them with plenty of valuable customer information. It also allows exhibitors to take visitor surveys, as well as providing metrics to assess stand managers’ KPIs

Analitika Expo Connect uses actual and complete visitor registration data, which is segmented by exhibition target, region and sector metrics and product interests. This enables Analitika Expo Connect users, i.e. event exhibitors, to maximise their show ROI

connect_2So how does Analitika Expo Connect helps boost exhibitor’s commercial prospects?

By enabling exhibitors to review each stand visitors’ profile and interests directly at the first point of contact. This means exhibitors are well informed of their potential partners’ needs straight away, speeding up and streamlining communications.
A ready database of visitor info is available to all Analitika Expo Connect users.


Analitika Expo Connect is for the forward thinking, tech-savvy exhibitor; a businessperson focused on achieving commercial success using modern digital technologies, lead generation, and customer engagement methods.
By using Analitika Expo Connect, you can obtain unbiased information from the target audience about the competitiveness of your offers: the service provides a large set of tools for marketing surveys of your stand visitors.


How does Analitika Expo Connect Work?

Digital badge scanning terminals are installed at participating exhibitors’ stands. Visitor badges are scannable, and contain all of their registration details.

Once the badge has been scanned, this customer information becomes available to exhibitors, including: Full name, Company name, Job role, Exhibition products of interest.

This allows for immediate identification of target visitors and a quick and easy way to identify their needs. With the data obtained at the show, exhibitors can quickly and easily begin to tailor their post-show communications and keep dialogues started at the show going.

All information is stored online and is available to exhibitors during and after Analitika Expo closes.
How can I use Analitika Expo Connect data?

Data obtained via Analitika Expo Connect can be used in a number of ways such as to:

Create an electronic database of new contacts, including the option of downloading Excel spreadsheets
Segment potential customers by products of interest, company size, and other parameters.

Analyse the performance of exhibition stand teams during and after the event, form transparent reports, and plan for future Analitika Expo shows.

To become a user Analitika Expo Connect, please send a filled in application form by email to: [email protected]   

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