New Shimadzu instruments

The new compact i-Series LC system LC-2050/LC-2060 keeps the excellent performance of its predecessor and includes AI (Analytical Intelligence).

HPLC model : LC-2050 series (pressure resistance 50 MPa), three types of detector setup and oven cooling functions are available for these models both. UHPLC model : LC-2060 series (pressure resistance 70 MPa), the method transfer system provides excellent support for running UHPLC and HPLC methods on one device.

The new product line of spectrophotometer is UV-i Selection:UV-1900i, UV-2600i/2700i, UV-3600i Plus, SolidSpec-3700i/3700i DUV. These products are equipped with LabSolutions UV-Vis software, enabling higher productivity, easier operation, and stronger data management.

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