SmartLab: Experience the laboratories of the future – premiere at Analitika Expo 2021

Laboratory science has taken on special importance during the pandemic

A lot of interesting things are happening in this area right now. The team of Analitika Expo prepared a truly breakthrough innovation for the guests of the event - for the first time all days of the exhibition a smart laboratory will work. This content zone is organized in partnership with the leading producer of complete solution for laboratory projects Bicasa.

SmartLab is a showroom of the latest achievements in the field of laboratory space design, lecture halls for presentations and showing the latest achievements in laboratory science, melting point of start-ups, universities, consultants and laboratory professionals. Additional points of attraction: BIOBAR, DESIGNLAB, BICASALAB, STORELAB, CHEMICAL THEATER.

There will be discuss as well as serious topics, for example, Design of pharmaceutical laboratories, as popular science things - Electronic sommelier - machine learning for wine tasting, Electronic nose as a health scanner and other unexpected discoveries.

We will keep you informed and will definitely post photos and videos following the results of the exhibition.
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