Laboratory research automation facilities

Automation Laboratory is the general trend and need.

In the last few years there is a tendency to equip laboratories with modern automated equipment to improve work efficiency in the Russian way of solving such problems as:

  • optimization of the laboratory in order to increase its cost-effectiveness and quality of the results;
  • getting rid of unproductive routine work and as a consequence of a decrease in time spent on research;
  • use of reference standards, entry rules, statistics, standards support;
  • minimizing the number of errors and performance monitoring processes;
  • quality control of laboratory tests in accordance with Russian and international standards
  • management of laboratory work flows and their planning and optimization
  • enhancing the authority laboratories and a trust relationship to the results of laboratory tests

For the automation of small and scientific and technological laboratories Analitika Expo presents:

  • Robotic laboratory equipment
  • Software for all laboratory analyzes
  • Foreign laboratory information systems from well-known manufacturers
  • Domestic laboratories management information system positioned as a full-featured fully focused on the Russian conditions