Laboratory equipment for environmental monitoring

Laboratory equipment for environmental monitoring

Environmental monitoring is a crucial for assessing the environmental conditions. During monitoring, we record the changes in the ecosystem and, based on the results, analyse their causes, including the significance of anthropogenic impact. Various environmental monitoring equipment is used to implement current methods of monitoring the terrestrial biosphere.

Industrial environmental monitoring is conducted to study the impact of anthropogenic factors on the environment. As defined by GOST R 56062-2014, the objects of this type of monitoring are as follows:

  • Atmospheric air condition
  • Water body protection
  • Waste management
  • Soil condition

The Laboratory Equipment for Environmental Monitoring section of the Analytica Expo exhibition will present you the following:

  • Equipment for measuring dust concentrations and particle sizes
  • Auxiliary equipment
  • Olfactometry equipment
  • Portable and handheld equipment
  • Mobile and stationary environmental monitoring complexes
  • Enterprise-level continuous emissions monitoring systems
  • Atmospheric air monitoring equipment
  • Water quality monitoring equipment