High-speed image analyzer Sympatec QICPIC at the KR-analytical booth

We invite you to visit our booth стенд А2053 (pavilion 3, hall 13) at Analitika Expo 2022

For the first time, the modular QICPIC image analyzer manufactured by Sympatec GmbH will be presented at our booth. This instrument combines size and shape characterisation of disperse particle systems within a detection range of below 1 μm to 34,000 μm. Flexible sensor adaptation for analysis of powders, granules, fibres, suspensions and emulsions is provided by a wide range of dispersing and dosing units. Numerous implementations in pharmaceutical and chemical industry, food and beverage technology, and soil science just denote the array of applications in industry and research. The most prominent feature is an exposure time within the sub-nanoseconds regime, achieving an image capturing frequency of up to 500 frames per second. This allows the use of proven dry disperser RODOS for the characterisation of finest, cohesive powders. And based on a great number of measured particles, a high confidence level for measuring results is achieved. Our powerful evaluation software supports the simultaneous determination of all relevant size and shape characteristics. A particle gallery together with user-defined screening criteria facilitate the creation of specific and meaningful reports.

Анализатор изображений Sympatec Qicpic

We will be happy to present Sympatec QICPIC in action and on your samples! Bring your samples!

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19—22 April 2022

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