VL ASEPTIСA will present new equipment models

The ASEPTICA will present two advanced models of the test equipment at Analitika Expo 2024 exhibition

ASEPTICA is one of the leading Russian companies in the field of pharmaceutical and medical engineering and specializes in four areas:

    Development of projects for pharmaceutical enterprises, biotechnological institutions and medical facilities (laboratories, vivaries, stem cell banks, etc.), as well as reconstruction and modernization projects.

    All types of works on validation/qualification and audit of enterprises of different industries, having clean premises and complex technological equipment.

    Development of test equipment for pharmaceutical analysis and validation, as well as devices for monitoring the quality of medicines.

    Development and supply of various structures of stainless steel furniture, taking into account all technical requirements and standards.

The company will present two advanced models of the test equipment at at Analitika Expo 2024 exhibition:

Device for testing flat filter media KITASEPTICA ISO 1822

Device for testing flat filter media KITASEPTICA ISO 1822. The device fully complies with GOST R EN 1822-3-2012 "High-efficiency air purification filters EPA, HEPA and ULPA. Part 3. Testing of a flat filter material", designed for a small number of tests, requires additional measuring instruments (SI) and test equipment: an aerosol particle counter, a diffraction meter, an aerosol particle generator, a diluter.

Standard samples (CO)

Standard samples (CO). They are designed to control visible mechanical inclusions when checking medicines according to "OFS. "Visible mechanical inclusions in dosage forms for parenteral use and ocular dosage forms". A set (6 pcs.) of two vials: made of neutral glass (HC-1) and orange glass (OS) with an aqueous suspension, mechanical inclusions of three types: aluminum dust; glass dust; fibers.

Interlaboratory comparative tests (IST)

Interlaboratory comparative tests (IST). You can take part in interlaboratory comparison tests according to the qualification verification programs: "Clean rooms", "Ventilation air", "Compressed air", "Clean steam", "Water velocity in the pipeline".

Booth: В3065 (Pavilion No. 1, Hall 3)

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