Benefits of visiting

Analitika Expo is attended by quality buyers and executives of research and development organizations and enterprises, oil product quality test laboratories, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, medical, clinical diagnostic, environmental and other types of laboratories.

Complete overview about huge Russian market for the laboratory community

It is the trend-setting event for all sectors of analytical chemistry. Showcasing current technological innovations, the trade fair has a significant effect on the Russian market.

Analitika Expo is a business area of interaction between manufacturers, distributors of laboratory equipment and lab owners, chemical analysis specialists.

Quick Facts

  • Number of exhibitors: 230 from 24 countries, 45% are foreign companies
  • Number of visitors: 5 740 specialists from 31 countries and 67 regions of Russia
  • Total Exhibition area: 9 098 sq. m.

All market leaders present lab equipment at the exhibition 

The exhibitors present analytical equipment at work, laboratory furniture, chemical reagents, consumables, and demonstrate research automation systems. The exhibitors offer services for laboratory design and construction, selection of engineering materials and structural coating, creation of internal environments, gas, water and air treatment.

Exhibitors are more than 200 Russian and International companies representing the lab equipment. The Analitika Expo exhibitor list includes such well-known companies as Analytik Jena, Bruker, IKA-Werke, Shimadzu, Leco, Liebherr, Memmert, Merck, Rigaku, Waters and others.


Analitika Expo is a major event and a professional convention of executives, experts and end-users from all regions of Russia. A high profile business program with the conferences, vital topics overviews, round table discussions and detailed new products presentations by exhibitors prove the Analitika Expo significance. In 2019, the Russian mass spectrometric society  Congress will be held for the first time. it will be a significant event  for professional visitors from all regions.

Great visitor survey results*

  • Visited Analitika Expo to find out about new products and services 81% (4 649)
  • Visited the exhibition to choose a product or service for the business 59% (3 387)
  • Visited the exhibition to meet with existing suppliers, business partners 47% (2 698)
  • Visited Analitika Expo to find new suppliers and business partners 
    44% (2 526)

* Number of people (% of visitors). Respondents could select more than one answer