The 21st International Analitika Expo Exhibition sets the record in the number of mutually beneficial contacts established

The 21st International Exhibition of Laboratory Equipment and Chemical Reagents Analitika Expo 2023 was held from 11 and 14 April in Crocus Expo International Exhibition Centre in Moscow

Analitika Expo 2023 turned out to be a unique platform for manufacturers and suppliers of laboratory equipment, representatives of industrial and research laboratories, and other industry specialists to make mutually beneficial agreements, review newly designed laboratory equipment and discuss relevant issues. In 2023, 184 companies from Russia, Belarus, India, China and Kazakhstan took part in the Expo.

New equipment and methodologies were presented by the regular participants, such as: Analitekspert, Algimed, Biochimmak, Dipaul, Biosystems, Catrosa Reaktiv, Laboratornoe Oborudovanie i Pribory, Lumex-Centrum, NPO SPVLAB, Melytec, Millab, Pertotech, Vibrotekhnik, Tescan, Chimmed, Helicon, SKB Chromatec, Khromos Engineering, Ecroskhim, ROSHIMREAKTIV, PrimeChemicalsGroup, Memmert Russia and many others.

выставка analitika expo
новости analitika expo

30+ companies took part in the Expo for the first time, among them: 3S-Laboratory, Alkor Bio, Apexlab, Biocontrol GR, Kamozzi Pneumatika, DNA Technology, LionTech, Nabitex Scientific, BSKB Neftekhimavtomatika, NIC Innovations, Vzor, Sibirskie Analiticheskie Sistemy, VESEXPERT, BelAnalitika, ProLab-Trade, CTS Nauka and others.

Thematic sections of the Expo:

  • Laboratory equipment and devices
  • Laboratory glassware, plastic, consumables
  • Chemical reagents
  • Laboratory furniture
  • Laboratory study automation means
  • Instrumentation
  • Biotechnology equipment
  • Laboratory equipment for environmental monitoring

6,716 specialists from 20 countries and 67 regions of Russia visited the Expo, representing the chemical, pharmaceutical, agricultural, healthcare, oil and gas, food, and biotechnology industries, environmental monitoring laboratories, companies distributing laboratory equipment and specializing in design, construction, refurbishment and comprehensive outfitting of laboratories.

аналитика экспо
аналитика экспо 2023

The entire four days of the Expo were accompanied by an extensive science & business program:

  • 103 speakers;
  • 40+ hours of lectures, presentations of new products, and discussions;
  • 1,625 delegates.

The key event of the business program was the Outfitting of Analytics Laboratories in the Current Realities plenary session, where the speakers discussed the issues of import substitution and maintaining high quality of measurements in analytical chemistry in the environment of sanctions and the changes the laboratory equipment market is going through.

In addition, other relevant issues were discussed at different events:

  • Water, Air, Soil. Professional Opinion on Laboratory Monitoring (in collaboration with the ROSA Analytics Centre)
  • Chemistry in Art and Art in Chemistry. This seminar featured Sergey Vladimirovich Sirro, the head of the technology research department of the Russian State Museum, as a speaker
  • Practical Aspects of Management and Conduct of Inter-Laboratory Proficiency Testing for Corporate Customers
  • Current Issues of Fuel and Lubrication Materials Analysis
  • Mobile Laboratories and Sample Preparation
  • Food Products Monitoring for the Content of Man-Made Harmful Substances. The seminar was prepared in collaboration with the Analytical Chemistry Scientific Council of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and the Russian National Centre for Quality and Standardization of Animal Drugs and Feedstock
  • For the first time, the Expo platform featured the Biotechnology Congress (Section: Digital Biodesign and Personalized Healthcare)

More than 400 specialists took part in the Methods of Quality Assurance for Laboratory Test Results seminar, organized with the support of the Analitika Association Analytics Centres.

деловая программа Аналитика Экспо 2023
научно-деловая программа аналитика экспо

SMARTLABFORUM platform was active throughout the four days of the Expo, being a hybrid of a laboratory furniture showroom and a conference hall for presentation of new products.

Here are the winners of the annual contest between the Expo participants:

  • JET Guangzhou BIO Filtratu in the Most Attractive Stand category;
  • LACOPA in the Most Active Personnel category;
  • MILLAB in the Best Stand Layout category;
  • NABITEX SCIENTIFIC in the Best Visual Communication category;
  • The award for the largest number of visitors attracted to the exhibition with a promo code went to CHIMMED Trade House.

The science & business program was supported by experts from leading industry associations, media and educational institutions: ROSKHIMREAKTIV Association, ZAO Rosa Analytics Centre, Analitika Accreditation Centre, Russian Academy of Sciences — Scientific Council on Analytical Chemistry, BLOCK Company, Kompetentnost i Kachestvo Association, Sodeistvie Private Educational Institution, Standart Accreditation Centre, GxP Educational Centre.

аналитика экспо пресс-релиз
аналитика экспо забронировать стенд


  • SMARTLABFORUM general partner — А90В Company.

  • Expo sponsor – Energolab Company.

The 22nd International Exhibition of Laboratory Equipment and Chemical Reagents Analitika Expo will be held on April 16-18, 2024, in the Crocus Expo IEC, Pavilion 3.

The exposition of the next exhibition is actively being formed.